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 Orchid Mantid (Praying Mantis) Fact Sheet

      Butterflies and Moths
            Butterfly, Archduke
            Butterfly, Banded Orange
            Butterfly, Black Swallowtail
            Butterfly, Blue Clipper
            Butterfly, Cattleheart
            Butterfly, Giant Swallowtail
            Butterfly, Julia Swallowtail
            Butterfly, Longwing
            Butterfly, Owl
            Butterfly, Postman
            Butterfly, Rice Paper
            Butterfly, Tailed Jay
            Butterfly, Zebra Longwing

            Cockroach, Giant
            Cockroach, Madagascar Hissing

      Crickets and Grasshoppers
            Katydid, Dragon-Headed

      Insect, Leaf
            Insect, Leaf

            Orchid Mantid (Praying Mantis)

      Spiders, Scorpions
            Scorpion, African Emperor