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Oystercatcher, American

            Albatross, Waved

      Birds of Prey
                  Eagle, Steppe
                  Eagle, Bald
                  Falcon, Peregrine
                  Owl, European Eagle
                  Owl, Great Horned
                  Owl, Buffy Fish


      Cranes and Rails
            Crane, Grey Crowned

            Flamingo, Greater

      Flightless Birds
            Penguin, Galapagos

      Game Birds
            Turkey, Wild

      Gulls and Terns
            Noddy, Brown

      Herons and Egrets
                  Heron, Great Blue


            Kingfisher, African Pygmy
            Kingfisher, Woodland

            Oystercatcher, American

      Parrots, Lories and Cockatoos

      Pelicans and their relatives
            Booby, Blue-Footed
            Booby, Masked
            Booby, Red-Footed
            Cormorant, Flightless
            Darter, Oriental
            Frigatebird, Greater
            Pelican, Eastern Great White
            Pelican, Brown

     Rollers and Hoopoes
            Roller, Lilac Breasted


      Storks, Spoonbills and Vultures
            Spoonbill, African
            Stork, Marabou
            Vulture, Turkey

      Swans, Geese and Ducks
            Duck, Mallard
            Duck, White-faced Whistling
            Goose, Canada
            Nene, Hawaiian Goose